Upper Octorara Presbyterian Church Preschool     1121 Octorara Trail,  Parkesburg, PA 19365

Classes Offered

Time for 2’s:  This class is a great way to introduce your two year old to the routine of preschool .  The class is structured like a “mini-preschool” day including:  free play, circle time, story time, crafts, snack, and music while the safety of mommy is close at hand.

Three year olds:  This class meets twice a week – Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 9:30a.m. to 12:00p.m.  This is for children that are separating from Mommy for the first time and our goal is to show them the joy of learning and owning their independence.

Four year olds:  We have two choices; either a three day program – Monday, Wednesday, Friday or a four day program  Monday through Thursday.  Our four year old program prepares a child for all of the skills required for entering Kindergarten in the fall.

Pre –K :  .  The class meets five days a week Monday through Friday from  9:30a..m. to 12:00p.m. This class is designed for the child who has finished a 4 year old program and is either too young or just not ready for Kindergarten.  In this class children will progress to reading, journaling, and math.  

Class Size

  • 3 year olds have 12 children per class
  • 4 year olds have 15 children per class
  • Each classroom has a certified teacher and an experienced assistant